GPS and navigation for motorcyclists on and off the road

GPS and navigation for motorcyclists on and off the road


This course is designed for all motorcyclists and focuses on the use of GPS, software, and APPs for safety, navigation, and trip planning on and off the road, using Googole Maps and My Maps, Google Earth, Garmin BaseCamp, OsmAnd, and TomTom to the fullest.

The course will be held by Francesco Scarfò, a competent professional in the fields of Environment and GIS/GPS Geographical Information Systems, as well as a passionate motorcyclist and expert traveller.


Acquisition of mastery of GPS devices; knowledge of maps and charts;
Mastery of navigation techniques; increase safety during your motorbike activities; enhance navigation skills and choice of the most fitting and suitable routes both on and off the road.

The course, which consists of three lessons, is conducted online on Zoom, Skype or similar platforms. Material (examples, maps, software), all free-of-charge, will be provided before the lessons take place.

Lessons will be held in the evenings starting at 20:00

Course fee: €30.00 / person.